About Mountain Air Designs

Mountain Air Designs is a many-faceted creative expression of Ginger’s love of pottery, painting and photography. She works with both playful and sophisticated themes while staying rooted in the natural landscape. Ginger’s pottery is greatly informed by her training in watercolor painting and explorations into photography, where composition and lighting control the outcome. The style of her work is unpredictable, impossible to define, but easy to appreciate.

In many ways, the artistry of Ginger’s work is shaped by her love of the mountains. She draws inspiration from a lifetime of living in rugged alpine landscapes and wildly variable weather, with “rugged” and “variable” being key elements of her designs. Her command of glazing results from toying endlessly with new possibilities, and her eye for developing one-of-a-kind forms sets her pottery apart. Rather than seeing limits to her work, Ginger experiments with color, texture, scale, shape, materials and utility. And in most cases, even her most frivolous designs have utilitarian value, which only adds to the appeal of her offerings, i.e. art that has a working life as well.

Born at 8,000 feet in the Colorado Rockies to a ski family, Ginger took her first breath of mountain air during an early October snowstorm. Her family moved to Idaho when she was five years old, and she now resides at the edge of the Wasatch Range in Utah.